June 9, 2010


Welcome to the World Cup Food Challenge 2010!

30 days, 32 countries, 32 distinct national cuisines. On the day of the first match between two countries we'll post our menu for that game. Each menu will attempt to tie the regional specialties of the two countries into a cohesive meal. This may be harder for some countries than others. We'll also post informative guides to the cuisine of each country and suggestions of places where you can procure their national dishes either online or in a few select regions.

If you'd like to take the challenge, we'd love to hear about what your eating and where your watching the games, even if your not in Houston. Please submit your comments!

For viewers in Houston, check out my comprehensive dining out list at WCFC in Houston or view it on Citysearch, here.
With at least one restaurant, and in most cases several to choose from, you can easily find food for every match during the Cup. With a willingness to do a bit of driving and an adventurous palette, you too, can take the World Cup Food Challenge!
As an added incentive, I'll be throwing a party for all contestants who complete the WCFC at Kitchen Incubator (www.kitchenincubator.com) downtown - complete with food and drink from every country on the list!

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