June 16, 2010

¡Viva España!

So today's game didn't quite turn out the way I'd hoped or expected. No I'm not changing the menu to Swiss Paella either. To honor the team, I'm posting a write-up on Spanish cuisine, an area where Team Spain is always sure to win!
Photo: JustFoodNow.Com
Spain - Ravenously Regional
The folks at JustFoodNow published this great introduction to the regional cuisines of Spain. Their article begins with this mouthwatering picture of croquettas along with a spot on recipe. Should Spain make it to the final we'll be sure to include croquettas in our menu.

They continue on to highlight the olives of Andalusia, their groves the legacy of centuries of Arabic rule.
Other foods discussed include Fabada Asturiana, Basque sheep cheeses, Cantabrian flan, Castillan Manchego, Crema Catalana, Galician seafood, and of course, Jamón Ibérico from Extramadura.
They've also posted a recipe for the classic Spanish cure for a hangover, Chocolate con Churros, something I suspect many of us may be needing in the coming weeks.

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