Houston Viewing Guide

The Firkin and Phoenix
In the three years that the Phoenix has been open, it has become one of the premier sports watching locations in the city. Complete with a very impressive array of televisions and not one, not two, but three giant projection screens to fill your World Cup needs, you'll be hard pressed to find better coverage. Run by an avid football fan, the Phoenix will be offering a full breakfast menu complete with built-to-suit omelets and the eponymous Phoenix breakfast. Another big draw for the Phoenix are their World Cup drink special on top of their regular happy hour and one of the best pub food menus in town. When all of this is coupled to its great  location and and even better ambiance, the Phoenix easily becomes one of the best places to fill up on your World Cup quota.

Richmond Arms
Hailed as the best place to watch football matches, Richmond Arms cemented its place as fan favourite when it won Best Place to Watch a match in the Houston Press polls. This famous pub is British to the core, and true to form, they'll be offering two free pints with the entrance fee of 10 dollars. My guess is that this place will have the best and most diverse crowd when it comes to world cup enthusiasts.

If your idea of watching a match includes a commentator shouting the entire match in Spanish, surrounded by fans that will scream GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at every chance they can get, then Paparruchos is the place for you. At least for the inaugural match with mexico they will be offering free tacos and specials on tequila. Whatever match you go see there, you are sure to have a great time.

Sawyer Park
With plenty of flat-screens so you don't miss any detail of the match, Sawyer park is a great choice to watch you favourite team go at it on the world's greatest stage. With plenty of finger foods available and specials on drink, you wont want for anything at this establishment!

Lucky's has one of the biggest projectors I have ever seen. The back room where they will be showing the matches has plenty of plush seating and ample viewing space. Boasting Houston's largest bottle beer selection and a rowdy crowd to make up for questionable food, Lucky's is a great place to be during the world cup. Plenty of specials on food and drink only sweeten the deal, and it shows when it was voted one of the best places to watch the World Cup.

Red Lion
Houston's most traditional British pub will be showing the matches, as any proper Brit pub should. Guaranteed to have one of the most diehard crowds, the Red Lion will certainly be a great place to catch a game. Even though it offers no special other than their regular happy hour, the ambiance should more than make up for a lack of economic incentive. Just don't wear the colours of whatever country is playing the Brits. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Ernie's on Banks
A staple for Houston Dynamo fans, Ernie's will be showing most matches of the World Cup. Call ahead to see if they're opening all of the mornings, but whenever you go you are sure to have a good time. A veritable dive bar right off Montrose Avenue, Ernie's tends to attract a more eclectic crowd, but they have no lack of drink specials or tasty bites. They will even be serving breakfast most mornings!

The Brewery Tap

While this downtown pub might not have much on the food or large TV front, a huge selection of beers on tap and loyal football fans make this one of the go-to places in town to watch the World Cup. Drink special abound and some of the friendliest bartenders in the business further make the Tap attractive. The fact that you can BYOF (Bring your own food) makes this place even more awesome. Open early and showing all the matches live, the Tap is sure to bring a taste of British football hooliganism to town.

Big John's Bar
Big John's is known in the football circuit in Houston for having some of the best coverage around. They will not disappoint for the World Cup. The quintessential sports bar with no shortage of huge flatscreens all around, Big John will be showing all the matches starting after 9 AM. They might not be playing the earlier games, but they make up for it by having a full breakfast menu for the fans. With no specials other than their regular happy hour, Big John's might not have the best incentives in town, but they are sure to have the best coverage.

Emporio Brazilian Cafe
Representing the Joga Bonito school of football, Emporio will only be showing the Brazilian games, but they are doing it in that special style that only Brazilians can pull off. You have to call ahead to make reservations to watch the games and pay for a Prix Fixe meal, they have what will be one of the best bargains in town. Kicking off the 15th to a Churrasco meal and free drinks, followed by a Feijoada and Breakfast, Emporio will have no lack of food or ambiance for the matches. With some of the rowdiest and funnest crowds, Emporio is sure to be tons of fun while their national team is making their magic.

On the Italian and Irish fronts, Birraporetti's will be showing all the games after 9 Am. While they don't offer any incentives other than their regular happy hour, they will be providing free coffee for the earlier games and a heck of a convenient location for anyone working downtown.

Bull and Bear
The official Dynamo away game party location, the Bull and Bear has been one of the pillars of the Houston football community since it opened. This pub is sure to be chock full of fans from 8am till closing time on every day of the matches. With a great happy hour and an extensive breakfast menu, the Bull and Bear is sure to be one of the best places in town to enjoy the World Cup. To top things off, this tavern has one of Houston's most extensive collection of screens and coverage to match. You won't miss any details here!

Beaver's Ice House
Beavers will open at 9am to show the games on 3 TV's, featuring breakfast taco specials until 11am and a myriad of drink specials that would be sure to delight any beaver.

1252 Tapas Bar (The Woodlands)
Kicking off the Cup with a luscious Mexican breakfast buffet, the Woodland's resident tapas joint will feature the games on the big screen. Drink specials and buffets will unfold with every Mexican and Spanish game and since previous specials included "free tequila shots with all Mexican goals" you can rest assured this will be a fun place to watch it go down.

Juan Mon's International Sandwiches
Opening early and featuring BYOB for any USA or Mexico game, this midtown sandwich shop is a great way to knock countries off your WCFC list since the menu features sandwiches from over ten different countries (heavy on the Mexico).

Dynamo World Cup Viewing Party at Discovery Green
For family folks, Downtown's park will be throwing a party in honor the the USA match on Saturday, June 12 featuring a beer garden and special appearances by Dynamo players.