WCFC Details for Houston

For viewers in Houston, check out my comprehensive dining out list at WCFC in Houston or view it on Citysearch, here.
With at least one restaurant, and in most cases several to choose from, you can easily find food for every match during the Cup. With a willingness to do a bit of driving and an adventurous palette, you too, can take the World Cup Food Challenge!
As an added incentive, I'll be throwing a party for all contestants who complete the WCFC at Kitchen Incubator downtown - complete with food and drink from every country on the list!
In order to complete the WCFC 2010 in Houston you must:

1) Eat regional specialties from each of the countries listed in the schedule on a given match day. Although the blog is organized by the first match that each country appears in, you have three opportunities to eat the food of each country over the course of three separate games. Feel free to combine the foods however you like!

2) Post what you eat on the Official WCFC blog (here) and post a few pictures to our Facebook page.

3) You can eat out at restaurants or cook for yourself at home. At the end of the contest, you will need to validate your eats with receipts from the restaurant or pictures of your food. The pictures will be posted to our website and must be 100% original photography.

4) Everyone who has posted on their eats will be contacted at the end of the contest with validation details and information about the party.

We will host at least several WCFC - Houston meet-ups throughout the month to eat, cook or simply watch the games. Stay posted for details and don't forget to check The Schedule!