June 28, 2010

6/26: Uruguay v S. Korea, USA v Ghana

USA all the way today! As the World Cup Food Challenge steps out of the kitchen to feast on steak and attend an American Craft Brew festival in Austin, TX. We celebrated one of the greatest things coming out of the USA these days - our craft brew industry.
USA = Steak!

Take your pick from a variety of dishes from today's competing countries by looking back at our past menus: Eat Dulce de Leche Crème Brulée and Duck Confi Ravioli from Uruguay or Asian short ribs from South Korea. Later on Saturday, indulge in USA snacks such as Bacon Brownie Cupcakes and Texas Peach Pie. Ghana fans can prepare a savory Jollof rice or a sweet Black Forest Cake.

Prefer to eat out instead? Our Dining Guide tells you where and why.

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