June 10, 2010

ESPN Match Truck

ESPN Match Truck brings mobile World Cup Food to NYC and LA

Lucky NYC and LA will feature mobile World Cup eateries and HD viewing screens throughout the games, courtesy of ESPN. Inspired by the street foods of the 32 countries competing in the 2010 World Cup, the Match Trucks will feature a varied menu that travels throughout the city, announcing their location via Twitter.

The trucks will feature food created by Food and Wine Best New Chef Roy Choi of the Kogi truck and will broadcast all games.
Follow the NYC truck here. or Follow the LA truck on twitter here.
Find out more about the ESPN Match Trucks
We've posted the menu below. Since our menu is far more comprehensive and varied, we're wondering ESPN would like to hit up Houston in 2014?


  1. Love your concept -- my own foodie entries start here http://emuisemo.com/?p=197

  2. Looks great! We've added your blog to our list of World Cup Foodies!

  3. I'd love to see one of these in Houston. Maybe in 2014?